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The Future of Healthcare is Personalized Medicine


The Future of Healthcare is Personalized Medicine

Experience it with a Functional Medicine Approach
at Harbor Health Group

  • Would you like to get to the bottom of your health concerns, once and for all?

  • Are you sick & tired of being “sick and tired”?

  • Would you appreciate being treated like the intelligent health consumer that you are?

  • Do you feel there’s more that you could do to feel better but aren’t sure what the next step might be?

  • Are you looking for drug-free pain relief?

  • Would you like to partner with a health practitioner that listens to you and incorporates your goals into the treatment plan?

  • Are you curious about how food, movement and stress resilience can transform your health and well-being?


As a chiropractor and certified functional medicine practitioner,
Dr. Suzanne Gosselin is equipped and prepared to help. 

Applying the art and science of high touch, high tech chiropractic care within the framework of functional medicine has allowed Dr. Gosselin the opportunity to help hundreds of clients by thinking outside the box of conventional health care.  Dr. Gosselin's journey, personally and professionally, has led her to the deep appreciation of the body's capacity to heal and repair when intelligent science is partnered with a specific and personalized plan of action.   

Hear what our Clients are saying about us...

I recommend Dr. Gosselin to anyone that ever tells me they are having any health issues. If you or a loved one are looking for the “BEST OF THE BEST” health practitioner, Dr. Gosselin is the one!! 
— Tina S.

What Health Concerns Do You Have?

To learn about some of the concerns that Dr. Gosselins has helped clients with,

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Common Concerns

Common Concerns

The following are some of our Clients' most common health concerns. 
Do You Suffer From One or More of These Yourself? 

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If you're seeking to eliminate the symptoms that interfere with your activities and well-being
rather than masking symptoms with temporary fixes,
you've found the right Practice

My quality of life is so much better and I know in Dr. Gosselin I have someone who is gifted and knowledgeable and will provide me with excellent care.
— Ann P.


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