Where are you on the Health Continuum?

Well, it depends on a few things.  For example, what’s your definition of health?  If it’s the absence or management of symptoms only (which might be absolutely appropriate given an injury, accident or other unexpected life event) then your toolbox is going to contain resources for the more immediate relief of pain and inflammation.  The expectation is that once the crisis is resolved, you’ll return to your habits and routines that pre-existed the crisis.

If your definition of health encompasses a broader scope of not only reduction of symptoms but also the opportunity to experience a more vibrant and energetic level of living then different tools are necessary.  It requires being pro-active, not reactive.  Taking charge of your health requires deep change and a shift in priorities and paradigms.


However, your health journey is not a final destination.  Throughout life, we are constantly travelling along this continuum, hopefully making net gains further and further to the right of the Illness-Wellness Continuum.  

Dr. Gosselin sees healthcare differently than conventional doctors

Moving forward toward High-Level Wellness often requires a different approach and a new set of tools.  Sometimes, it requires a change in game plan because what used to work isn’t cutting it anymore.  In order to move from the left side of the Wellness Paradigm to the right requires a different perspective from both the client’s point of view as well as the provider’s.  This new perspective creates opportunities for self-awareness and learning new ways of caring for one’s self.  This perspective creates results, in large part, because it supports and fosters the client’s active participation in creating solutions.  It results in the client reclaiming ownership of their health and wellbeing.

This is where the “rubber hits the road”.  A client’s successful resolution is directly proportional to the effort they are willing to put into the process.  These efforts frequently require hard work and a shift in perspective.  Not all clients are ready to commit to making these deep changes.  That’s why Dr. Gosselin recommends that potential new clients complete the brief “Are You Ready?” questionnaire


Take a moment to thoughtfully answer the questions to find out how ready you are to move out of the symptom management end of the Illness-Wellness Continuum and take charge of your health  to live a more active and vibrant life.

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Working With Dr. Gosselin

If you scored 22 or above on the questionnaire, you're ready to take charge of your health by working with Dr. Gosselin.  Potential New Clients can choose from either of the two programs offered – the Chiropractic Care Program (CCP) or the Integrated Care Program (ICP).   

Chiropractic Care Program (CCP)

Dr. Gosselin has built a successful practice out of her love of helping clients find hands-on, drug-free approaches to their health issues.  She continues to offer chiropractic care to all clients who would benefit from that approach.  Enrollment in the Chiropractic Care Program/CCP provides an opportunity to address structural issues that are causing pain and dysfunction from a more comprehensive perspective.  

The goal of the CCP is to eliminate or minimize the underlying imbalances that contribute to the client’s pain and dysfunction.  For some clients that might be a postural re-education program.  For another client it might be learning about an anti-inflammatory way of eating or the elimination of food sensitivities.  And for yet another client, they may need to learn stress-reduction techniques to help facilitate muscular relaxation.   For all clients enrolled in the CCP, the focus always encompasses learning about and adopting healthy lifestyle habits to reduce pain and improve function.   Click to...

Integrated Care Program (ICP)

 In addition to the Chiropractic Care Program, Dr. Gosselin designed the Integrative Care Program/ICP for those clients who are not necessarily having a specific chiropractic concern but are seeking a different approach to their health issues beyond management of symptoms with medications.  The ICP client typically has multiple health concerns affecting multiple systems and their health improvement depends upon a deeper dive to get to the root of the problem. 

When enrolled in the ICP, clients are ready to learn more about the unique factors and circumstances that set the stage for challenging health conditions.  ICP clients are ready to change the course of their health by changing their daily habits in order to support the healing process at a cellular level.   Dr. Gosselin not only helps ICP clients set a new path for themselves but coaches them every step of the way using tools and resources that are personalized for that particular individual. 
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Regardless of which program you enroll in, and several clients are doing both while other clients start in one program and realize that they would benefit by participating in both, you will be considered a team player in your care.  Dr. Gosselin finds that the clients who benefit the most take their role of team player very seriously through active participation and engagement. 

Time, Persistence & Commitment...

Setting Expectations

When we’re ready, we all want change to happen quickly….like yesterday, right?  Funny thing, though, replacing unhealthy habits with more sustainable ones takes time, persistence and commitment.

time, persistence & commitment

How long it takes you to change the course of your health depends on several factors:          

  • Setting realistic goals for yourself

  • Willingness to be persistent instead of perfect

  • Identifying the pace of change that works for you

  • Your level of support with family and/or friends

Generally, the longer you’ve been experiencing symptoms, the longer it will take to turn things around.  It’s also true that the more systems involved (ie gut distress along with joint pain), the more involved the recovery process can be.  Remember that you are taking action to make changes at a cellular level that will allow for deeper, more sustainable improvements.

Our Partnership

Dr. Gosselin's Commitment

shaking hands with new client

Our partnership is a journey of discovery and cooperation (the essence of the Functional Medicine approach.)  Dr. Gosselin enjoys partnering with her clients to collaborate on health goals, discover the root cause(s) of the problem and develop real-life, do-able solutions that can transform a life. 

Because words are so powerful, Dr. Gosselin makes a conscientious effort to call you a 'client' rather than a 'patient'.  

The client/practitioner relationship is more of a partnership.  The client seeks counsel and direction from someone with expertise and knowledge, yet determines their own level of participation and engagement. Goals and outcomes are mutually agreed upon.  The practitioner and client work together to shape the plan because both points of view are vital to the success of the mission. 

For many clients, Dr. Gosselin offers the convenience of secure Video consults when in-office visits are not possible.

Yes, I'm ready to take the leap toward better health!