Dr. Suzanne Gosselin started Harbor Health Group in 1988 with the intention of providing high quality professional healthcare services to the North Shore community.


Our Mission

At Harbor Health Group we want our clients to live long and strong.  Our unique “one size does NOT fit all” approach to health care explores the interplay of environmental, lifestyle and genetic influences that contribute to your health.  This makes it possible to not only manage symptoms with less dependence on medications but actually dig deeper to get at the root of those symptoms. 

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to deliver customized chiropractic care and personalized lifestyle recommendations that focus on your unique goals and needs.  Dr. Gosselin offers the motivated health consumer the opportunity to “discover the healer within” whether you are dealing with chronic illness or looking to improve performance and well-being. 

Our Core Values

  • Honor the uniqueness of each client

  • Proactive approach, not reactive

  • Team effort & partnering

  • Work 'with' not 'on' clients

  • Digging deep to discover the root causes of symptoms and imbalances

  • Self-healing and self-regulating

  • Health and wellness as an 'inside job'

  • Health and healing as a personal discovery process



An Example of our values put to action...

Why we refer to you as 'Clients' not 'Patients'

What image comes to mind when you think “patient”?  For many people it is an image of someone in a paper gown sitting on an exam table being spoken to by a fully clothed person in a position of power and control…or some similar scenario of unbalanced relationship.  The patient needs to be “taken care of”.  And there are certainly times when that is warranted, even welcomed …. think acute emergency or imminent health crises. 

Now think of being a “client”.   For many people, there’s a more balanced dynamic.  Each person is in charge of her/his own power and can determine her/his own level of participation and engagement.  The client is seeking counsel and direction from someone with expertise and knowledge.  There is a partnering and mutual agreement upon goals and outcome.  The practitioner and client work together to shape the plan because both points of view are vital to the success of the mission. 

Because words are so powerful, Dr. Gosselin makes a conscientious effort to differentiate between a client and a patient.  Dr. Gosselin enjoys partnering with her clients to collaborate on health goals, discover the root cause(s) of the problem and develop real-life, do-able solutions that can transform a life.