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5 STEP Process*


Practicing Functional Medicine is a bit like being a medical detective.  It takes a lot of investigation and inquiry to gather the clues that lead to a successful conclusion.  And, because Dr. Gosselin is interested in all of you, our new client process will insure the appropriate amount of time is given to understand your health history, needs and concerns.  Wonder why we don't refer to you as a 'patient'? it's part of our core values.

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1st step: schedule 2 new CCP Client appointments


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2nd step: Health History Survey & Medical Information

Dr. Gosselin takes advantage of a confidential, password-protected online system called Living Matrix to collect your personal health data and history. 

You will be asked to complete the comprehensive Living Matrix intake forms online and provide any supporting medical information (lab test results, xray/MRI/CT scan reports, for example) at least 1 week prior to your initial scheduled session.

Dr. Gosselin will review your personal health data & information prior to your initial session.

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3rd step: Testing & iNITIAL Session (90 minutes / $270)

Non-invasive in-office assessment including BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) will be conducted by clinic staff.  For the remaining 60 minutes, Dr. Gosselin will conduct the initial intake and perform the necessary examinations.  She will share her findings with you and explain your diagnosis, recommend your treatment plan and discuss expectations and frequency of care.  

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4th Step: Second Session (30 Minutes / $90)

You'll begin your chiropractic treatments in the second session.  Dr. Gosselin will explain what to expect in the course of treatment and you'll receive recommendations for self-care.  Your personalized plan of action may involve suggestions about dietary changes, exercises to strengthen and lengthen and nutritional/herbal products to support tissue healing and control inflammation and pain.

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5th step: I'm off to a good what? 

How quickly will I feel better?

During the discussion of your treatment plan in the first session, you will have a fairly good idea of how long it will take to begin to feel better.  The severity of the problem and the chronicity of the problem both enter into the equation here.  For example, we would expect a straightforward low back injury in an otherwise healthy spine to respond to care more quickly than the same injury in a spine that is also compromised by arthritis or pre-existing disc issues.  Following Dr. Gosselin’s recommendations for self-care, such as dietary changes, therapeutic movement, use of nutraceuticals to control inflammation and promote tissue healing, will go a long way to enhancing your innate healing potential and speed the healing process.

How often will I need treatment?

Again, it depends on how significant the damage is, how long you’ve been living with it and how active your participation is in your recovery.  Some clients need eight to twelve treatments concentrated over a short period of time of a month to provide pain relief and stabilization during the acute phase of recovery.  The correction and rehab phase can be less intense in terms of frequency, usually once a week to once every couple of weeks and can span two to three months of time.   We will benchmark your progress with periodic re-evaluations and update your plan of action accordingly.

Once I start, will I always need treatment?

Dr. Gosselin’s goal for CCP clients is to complete their course of treatment feeling stronger, more comfortable and energized than they did before beginning care.  For many clients, the more actively involved in their self-care, the better the results.  It’s also true that adopting healthier habits will support your body’s ability to hold your adjustments for longer.   Dr. Gosselin has frequently been quoted to say “The more you, the client, do to assist and support your body’s potential for healing, the less you need me!”                   

Having said that, many clients find that they want to continue periodic chiropractic treatment in order to support a more pro-active approach to their health.


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*Exception is the New Acute Care Patient.   For our purposes, an acute situation is one in which you are unable to conduct your activities of daily living or perform your work because of pain and/or dysfunction.  In these cases, the initial evaluation will be limited to a more problem-oriented focus and recommendations and treatment will be instituted immediately.  Initial Intake (1 hour session) for acute clients is $180.