Is Your Gut in Knots?

Indigestion, GERD, bloating, gas, leaky gut, constipation/diarrhea, IBS, SIBO, IBD ….

Gastrointestinal complaints are some of the most common and frequent reasons that people seek medical attention.  Unfortunately many people are limited to just managing their symptoms because they have no guidance or clear path of investigation into the core imbalances that are at the root of their gut issues.  Some people try remedy after remedy, drug after drug in an attempt to free themselves from the pain, inconvenience and embarrassment of lousy gut function.    

Ever wonder why all the good efforts you’ve tried aren’t getting you the results to successfully resolve the issue? 

That’s where the personalized approach can really make the difference.  The causes of your gut issues are unique to you.  Some people suffer from chronic gut distress because of undiagnosed food sensitivities and unresolved leaky gut while others can have the same diagnosis for entirely different reasons like poor food choices, antibiotic use, imbalanced microbiome or genetic influences .  

Dr. Gosselin has found that a targeted, personalized approach is most successful at resolving the unique set of conditions that contribute to your gut distress. 

Are you ready to feel better?