Are you dazed by the amount of conflicting nutritional advice out there?  

Are you still trying to find the “right” food plan for you that doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy or uncomfortable after eating it?  Do you suspect that some foods may not agree with you but can’t nail it down?  Do your eyes glaze over when you go food shopping?  Do you live to eat or eat to live?  Would you like to be friends with your food again? 

In a perfect world, finding, choosing and eating healthy foods to nourish and nurture shouldn’t be that difficult.

The reality though is that as the quality of our food supply continues to spiral down and the busyness of today’s life speeds up it takes more and more attention to make choices that count toward health.  And let’s not forget about the concept of “unique biochemistry” for each and every one of us which helps to explain why kale, for example, can be a superfood for your best friend but makes you really sick.  

A successful food plan needs to be customized to you, your needs and your goals.  

Part of developing a really effective personalized approach relies on exploring the chemical and metabolic roadblocks to your success.  Identifying hidden food sensitivities, determining your nutritional needs based on body composition goals and targeting inflammatory triggers that can interfere with your metabolism are some examples of the issues that you might uncover when you choose to work with Dr. Gosselin

Are you ready to replace frustration and confusion about what to eat with satisfaction and confidence?