Maximize the effects of your chiropractic treatment using these suggestions from Dr. Gosselin.

Prior to each treatment  

  • Take a moment to set your intention of what you hope to achieve as a result of your session

  • Use some deep breaths to shift gears so you can focus on you and your needs

During your chiropractic treatment 

  • Be prepared to share what’s better, or not, and any new developments

  • Mention new areas of concern at the beginning of your session

  • Be responsive to additional input and ideas about how to move forward

  • Ask for help if therapeutic recommendations are not clear

  • Focus on the process of restoring your health and recognize that the chiropractic adjustment is just one part of the solution

  • Keep breathing….

After your chiropractic treatment 

  • Drink extra water after a treatment to help dilute and flush out irritating chemicals from the tissues

  • Leave a little extra time to take a short walk after your session to help your nervous system integrate the treatment

  • Review the therapeutic recommendations and formulate your “next step” - keep it simple, doable and achievable

  • Keep breathing…