Oh, My Aching ________!

Like many other health imbalances, the solution for back and neck pain needs to be considered in the context of the individual experiencing the pain.  An acute injury will require a different approach than a long-term chronic problem.   A systemic imbalance targeting the joints and connective tissues, like arthritis or fibromyalgia, will necessitate an even more comprehensive approach.    

For acute injuries:

Dr. Gosselin will use her advanced chiropractic skills to identify and treat the problem as well as recommend self-care measures to support the healing process. These self-care measures may include appropriate movement and exercise, what to eat (and not eat!) to decrease inflammation and pain as well as specific targeted nutraceuticals designed to support tissue healing.  Dr. Gosselin finds that other tools – like a postural education program, laser therapy and the application of supportive devices like custom-fitted orthotics – can be very helpful to balance the body. 

For chronic muscle and joint symptoms or in situations when a more systemic health issue is suspected:

Dr. Gosselin advises a more in-depth analysis to thoroughly identify the sources of inflammation and tissue injury.  This may require that more advanced diagnostic testing be done and that a more comprehensive treatment plan be developed that involves a targeted nutritional approach, like the metabolic clearing program to support the body’s natural detoxification chemistry or the elimination food plan to identify possible food sensitivities.   

Whether you’re dealing with an acute joint or muscle problem or living with daily aches and pain from a more complex health issue....

Dr. Gosselin’s goal is to help move you beyond symptom management and closer to your goal of optimal health.