Why am I so tired all the time?

Fatigue and lack of energy on a regular basis can have many different causes and present in a variety of ways. 

There’s the abnormal fatigue that comes despite normal and usual physical activity or mental effort. There’s the bone deep fatigue that makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, even after a full night’s sleep. And then there’s the tiredness that comes because you couldn’t get to sleep or had trouble staying asleep.  It could be toxicity, inflammation or hormonal imbalances.

Investigating the many causes of fatigue and lack of energy can be overwhelming…especially if you don’t know where to begin the search. 

Because fatigue has its roots in so many possible imbalances it can be challenging to identify your particular source of fatigue.  It could be toxicity, inflammation or hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.  So many resources, time and effort can be spent going down the wrong path, it’s easy to get discouraged. 

Let’s do a thorough health history and exam to to discover your particular and specific root causes. Sleep like a baby, wake refreshed and ready for the day.  Enjoy daily activities without feeling drained, physically and mentally.  


Discover what makes the difference for you. 

I turned to Suzanne for assistance as I tried to balance western medicine with a more holistic approach to living with MS. After years of feeling like I was, well, a wimp, Suzanne took my concerns seriously and I was comforted by her medical background, education and knowledge base in her field.
— Shelley M.