I Can't Think Straight...


Living with brain fog, poor concentration and memory issues can be scary and debilitating.  These symptoms might be the result of traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle accident or sports injury or they could be the outcome of metabolic imbalances that specifically target the nervous system, like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Disease or MS.   

Unfortunately the opportunities to heal and repair are delayed for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes its the “wait and see” approach to the problem.  Or maybe it’s the attitude that one’s symptoms are the result of growing old and to be expected.   

While many neurological problems may be considered common, they are definitely not normal.

The speed of decline and severity of loss can frequently be addressed by digging deeper to look for the key imbalances.  Many people are surprised to learn that their neurological symptoms are actually rooted in other systems like the gut, hormonal, immune or detoxification systems.  Discovering your key imbalances is one of the first steps to creating a roadmap to recovery. 

Partnering with a health guide like Dr. Gosselin can help you navigate the path back to your best self.