I have been a patient of Suzanne Gosselin for over 30 years and probably would not be standing (literally) if not for her magic hands.

Suzanne is much more than a chiropractor. She takes the time to know her patients, their aches and pains and often, their emotional health as well. She is non- judgmental, encourages without being pushy, and she is respectful of her patient’s needs and constraints. Additionally, she has a great sense of humor. Suzanne is accommodating, and flexible with her schedule and will take the time needed to enable her patients to walk out of her office feeling much better than when they walk in.

Suzanne is a professional who takes her work seriously as evidenced by her leadership in the field. Her expertise and instincts are on target and her positive and calm attitude make visits with her both pleasant and healing.

I highly recommend anyone who needs good health care, expert chiropractic, and/or nutritional and healthy lifestyle counseling to schedule an appointment with Suzanne. It will be well worth it!

Meryl Sheriden