Before seeing Suzanne, I struggled with diagnoses and misdiagnoses for many years.  I learned 12 years ago that I had Multiple Sclerosis. For nearly a decade, doctors diagnosed me with chronic fatigue Syndrome and often shrugged their shoulders when I walked in.  They told me I had a virus and needed rest. When a MRI finally revealed the true cause of my fatigue and balance issues, a friend told me that I must meet Suzanne Gosselin.  I turned to Suzanne for assistance as I tried to balance western medicine with a more holistic approach to living with MS. 

After years of feeling like I was, well, a wimp, Suzanne took my concerns seriously and I was comforted by her medical background, education and knowledge base in her field. As a patient, I was comforted by her know how and expertise.  Her questions are direct and observations always insightful.  I have been working with Suzanne for some years now and am amazed every visit as I witness her insight and sixth sense.  Because of Suzanne, I have learned about functional medicine, and changed my nutrition plan to include probiotics that allow me to manage my disease in a thoughtful method.  There is no cure for MS, but my work with Suzanne helps slow it down. 

I have learned that it is important to form meaningful relationships with our health care providers and Suzanne ‘gets’ that.  I have recommended Suzanne to several friends and often see them in the Harbor Health waiting room.  Suzanne has also worked with my teenage daughter after a soccer injury. She sighs when I get to see Suzanne and she doesn’t.

I am grateful to have Suzanne in my life. 

Shelley Morgan