I have been a patient Dr. Suzanne Gosselin's for many years and have come to respect her continually expanding skill set and tool kit. She has never been content to practice using yesterday's information but has pushed on to become the next level practitioner.

One day I was in my garage working on a project. I was measuring a board but by the time I got to the far end I had forgotten what I was doing and why. The next day I drove to work, parked, got out of the car and could not remember which way to look for the oncoming traffic or where I was going. 

This was very frightening. I spoke to Suzanne and we worked together using her access to 'non-standard' lab work to figure out that I had a severe arsenic toxicity, probably from an old building that I was trying to clean up. She was able to design a detoxing treatment for me and give back my mind and body.