I am a 59 year young woman and was referred to Dr. Suzanne Gosselin close to 30 years ago by another chiropractor. She was just starting her practice and as soon as my first visit I knew she was the one. Suzanne has seen me through so many challenges, that I refer to her as my “GURU”. She is the first one I call when I have any ailment, injury or need advice on any health issue.   

Years ago I took a hard fall on my butt/back while roller blading and I immediately called her and she told me to come right over. I thought for sure I broke my back. She did some work on me, gave me a huge ice pack and told me I was very lucky but would need to lay low for a couple of weeks. Ice and arnica gel were my favorite friends for that 2 weeks. 

Even some years before that for several weeks I had been having heart palpitations, numbness in my extremities, feeling as though I was going to pass out. I was in somewhat of a panic mode and was even finding it hard to leave the house for fear I would have one of these episodes. Then on a Friday Night, I happened to have a bad episode and panic attack. It was quite late and I could only think of calling her so I had my companion at the time call and she and Sandy met me at her office.  She checked me over but thought I should go to the emergency room and then I got really terrified at that thought. She and Sandy actually went with me and stayed. Suzanne actually tried to come in the examining room with me but the Doctor on that evening was not pleasant. He did multiple tests of every kind and found nothing wrong. He then proceeded to tell me he would keep me overnight for observation if I had insurance. I told him I would not stay even if I did. 

From that night on I went through a series of testing from wearing a heart monitor overnight and everything in between. Suzanne had me bring all of my test results in so she could see what was going on. She was suspicious that I was on the low end of the “normal” blood sugar scale. She advised that I might try eating smaller meals more frequently and always bring some sort of protein snack with me for when I would get that feeling. It took a couple of weeks but then I began to notice no more attacks.   

I could go on with many more stories but I think these will always stand out in my mind of what a wonderful, compassionate, caring, outstanding, Chiropractor/Healer that Dr. Suzanne Gosselin is.  I especially love the fact that she does not just do Chiropractic. She addresses the whole body inside and out, head to toe. She is extremely knowledgeable. No matter what issue I come up with she can always help me out. I can ask her just about anything and she will give me so much information that I always feel at ease and leave with a wealth of information when I leave.  

I recommend her to anyone that ever tells me they are having any health issues. If you or a loved one are looking for the “BEST OF THE BEST” health practitioners, Dr. Gosselin is the one!! She is a very special person in my life and if she ever decides to retire I will be knocking at her back door.

To my Doctor Guru Suzanne in good health. 


Tina Salah