Don’t we all want someone we can confide in with our fears and pains, someone to "WATCH OUR BACK"? Well, I have found that person in Dr. Suzanne Gosselin!

I am a healthy woman in my 60’s who, to date, needs no medication. That being said, I have signs of aging from arthritis and occasional injuries from working out. Without Dr. Gosselin in my life treating me, I am certain that some of my conditions would have interfered with my enjoyment in life. Even though this may sound ridiculous, I am thankful every day that my family and I am lucky enough to be treated by Suzanne.

I have been to other chiropractors where I was anxious about adjustments, and couldn’t relax knowing the snap and crack was coming. Conversely, I feel so taken care of with Suzanne, she is knowledgeable, never causes me pain and I swear has magic hands. Sometimes after her adjustments I feel like I have had a massage, but one with lasting benefits!

Although Dr. Gosselin is my chiropractor she is so much more. She takes time and listens even to issues that to me don’t seem related to her field. One time when my treatment was over she asked me how I was and I told her I had a headache and pain in my jaw. She had me back on the table and realized that scar tissue from a surgery I had years ago behind my ear had tightened up, and she massaged all the pain away! She saved me possible unnecessary medication and a trip to my dentist or doctor or both.

In the past, I would try different vitamins I read about or were recommended by friends. My “vitamin cabinet” was ridiculous. Now Dr. Gosselin looks at my blood work and sees where I am deficient and makes recommendations. I am taking fewer supplements and have better results. Have you ever had a doctor do that for you? Amazingly I have never felt rushed, if my situation needed extra time I received the treatment. But on the other hand, I have never had to wait for hours in her office to be seen. How does she accomplish this? By not over booking or taking more patients then she can successfully treat.

So I ask you WHO is watching your back?

Mary Rossi