A Natural Approach to Hormonal Health


Hormones… we can’t live without them.   When our hormones are made, used and removed in a balanced, coordinated fashion, it’s a good, good thing.  We feel strong, vital and resilient. 

But when they’re out of balance, they can make life very challenging and disruptive.     Think of...

  • the emotional highs and lows, breast tenderness and cravings of PMS;

  • time lost from work or school because of severe menstrual cramps or the pain of endometriosis;

  • the challenges to intimacy when dealing with erectile dysfunction or loss of libido.

Or consider...

  • struggling through the day with profound fatigue, chronic aches and pains and difficulty losing weight no matter what you eat or how much you exercise because your thyroid function is just not on the same page as you.

  • Or maybe you’re dealing with insomnia, anxiety and heart palpitations because of over-active adrenal glands.

The regulation of our adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones does not exist in a vacuum.  It’s a very inter-connected system.  The nervous system and the immune system, in particular, play key roles in creating and maintaining hormonal balance.  And a lot of things can challenge how well one’s body can maintain that balancing act.  Autoimmune conditions and toxic exposures can have significant impact on thyroid function. Poor diet and long hours of work or study without adequate rest and recovery can set the stage for adrenal fatigue.  And poor detoxification of estrogen by the liver can lead to symptoms associated with “estrogen dominance” – fibrocystic breast disease, PMS, endometriosis, for example.

Because of this web-like connection among the hormones themselves as well as the nervous and immune systems, the identification and correction of hormonal imbalances can be complex and multilayered. 

And the solution is not always a hormone replacement pill or cream.  Digging deeper to uncover the causes of hormone dysfunction and imbalance – toxicity, auto-immunity, and specific nutrient insufficiencies, for example – is critical to truly normalize hormonal function. 

After all, the goal is to feel awesome, not just improve the numbers on the lab test.