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5 STEP Process*


Practicing Functional Medicine is a bit like being a medical detective.  It takes a lot of investigation and inquiry to gather the clues that lead to a successful conclusion.  And, because Dr. Gosselin is interested in all of you, our new client process will insure the appropriate amount of time is given to understand your health history, needs and concerns.  Wonder why we don't refer to you as a 'patient'? it's part of our core values.

Not sure if the Integrated Care Program (ICP) is right for you?  Review 'What to Expect' and complete our brief 'Are you Ready' Questionnaire.

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1st step: schedule 2 new ICP Client appointments


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2nd step: Health History Survey & Medical Information

Dr. Gosselin wants to learn your 'story' (your habits and your health challenges throughout your life) to better treat you.  We have found the best way to collect this information in a meaningful way is through the use of confidential, password-protected online forms using the Living Matrix system. 

You will be asked to complete the comprehensive Living Matrix intake forms online and provide any supporting medical information (lab test results, xray/MRI/CT scan reports, for example) at least 1 week prior to your initial scheduled session

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3rd step: Testing & iNITIAL Session (120 minutes / $360)

Non-invasive in-office assessment including BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) will be conducted by clinic staff.  For the remaining 90 minutes, Dr. Gosselin will conduct the initial intake, necessary examinations and report findings, and discuss a treatment plan, expectations and frequency of care.  

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4th Step: Second Session (60 Minutes / $180)

An informative and strategic hour devoted to the specifics of your treatment plan.  With your input and feedback, Dr. Gosselin will prioritize your action steps, explain any additional testing that may be beneficial and determine frequency of further sessions. 

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Step 5: I'm off to a good what? 

After your initial two sessions, follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed to benchmark your progress, review diagnostic test results as needed, problem-solve your challenges and celebrate your “wins”.   Early in your care you can expect to meet with Dr. Gosselin every 2 to 4 weeks for the first 3 months and then monthly to every 3 months following that depending on the complexity of your health concerns.  These appointments can be 30 or 60 minutes in length.  They can also be in-office visits or teleconsults (i.e., secure video calls).

It can be helpful to remember that the longer you have been living with compromised health, the longer it can take to turn that around.  The good news is that with Dr. Gosselin’s help and insight, your journey to better health and vitality will have direction, purpose and most importantly, results.


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*Exception is the New Acute Care Patient.   For our purposes, an acute situation is one in which you are unable to conduct your activities of daily living or perform your work because of pain and/or dysfunction.  In these cases, the initial evaluation will be limited to a more problem-oriented focus and recommendations and treatment will be instituted immediately.  Initial Intake (1 hour session) for acute clients is $180.